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Fibrominn-Turkey litter takes off

Chagrin Falls, Ohio March 4, 2008:

Stock Fairfield Corporation, part of the Schenck Process Group, has completed the installation of a belt conveyor, chain conveyor, magnetic separator and ductwork that are successfully up and running at the Fibrominn poultry litter-fueled power plant.

A subsidiary of Fribrowatt, LLC, Fibrominn is the first poultry litter-fueled power plant in the United States. The belt conveyor was designed by Stock Fairfield in collaboration with Fibrowatt. The chain conveyor, which required a nonstandard width of five feet, was constructed by Stock Redler U.K. Stock Redler’s previous experience with the construction of nonstandard conveyors for biomass plants in Europe was of key interest to the Fibrowatt management team. This, along with Stock Fairfield’s extensive knowledge in bulk material handling, attracted Fibrowatt’s interest in Stock’s capabilities.

The equipment has been proven successful in providing efficient performance for the biomass plant. This project offers an optimistic outlook for Stock Fairfield as the organization looks to solidify a place in the growing biomass market with its bulk material handling solutions.

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