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Vibromac 107

Vibration Monitoring and Control

The VibroMac 107 is the latest Schenck Process vibration monitoring system specifically designed for harsh mining and steel vibrating equipment applications. The Vibromac control system protects your capital investments by monitoring vibrations in reciprocating machinery. The system is an invaluable tool which notifies of potential hazard or improper screen and feeder performance, preventing downtime due to equipment failure and incorrect operating conditions. The system measures and trends oil temperature and bearing condition and monitors the phasing of exciters in vibrating screens and feeders, as well as the acceleration and line of stroke.

Preventative maintenance is the key to reducing downtime. The Vibromac 107 is able to forewarn against bearing and gear failure in exciters, detect broken shafts and springs and will recognize unusual screen motion before serious damage occurs to the screen structure. It can also communicate to your PLC, giving an indication of equipment in overloading or under loading. The unit is the ideal preventative maintenance tool for reducing downtime, preventing catastrophic machinery failure and forecasting maintenance requirements.


Measures and monitors six different values simultaneously:

  • Vibration - Channel A and B
  • Bearing Condition - Channel A and B
  • Temperature - Channel A and B

Alerts with two individual alarm levels:
  • Limit 1 - Low Limit
  • Limit 2 - High Level Alarm

Measures and monitors the sequence of pulses provided by three proximity switches.

Provides trending for six values:
  • Ten days averaged by day.
  • Ten months averaged by month.

Frequency analysis of vibration signals with vibration amplitude and frequency.

Remote monitoring of data:
  • Over 60 units can be networked together via a CAN Bus interface.
  • View and change set-up parameters remotely via network.


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