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Train & Truck Loading Stations

Schenck Process train loading systems are designed to operate reliably in the harshest mining environments. Constructed to withstand high temperatures, dust and water, they will operate for extended periods with only routine maintenance. High quality corrosion resistant paints, environmentally sealed electrical equipment and high quality hydraulic components ensure dependable operation throughout the life of the mining operation.

By incorporating proven Schenck manufactured weighing components and our vast applications experience, our superior batch weigh train loading systems provide accurate, high speed loading of railcars. It eliminates overloading, while maximizing product loaded into each car. The system can be Weights & Measures approved and certified Legal For Trade.

Load up to 5,000 tph of coal and 12,000 tph of iron ore with standard Schenck Process loading systems (custom systems to meet your requirements). Day in and day out, realize maximum payloads without fear of penalties for overloading or waste from partial loading. ± 200 lbs. per 100 ton capacity rail car precision is achieved with accuracy that can be Weights and Measures approved and certified legal for trade.


Built to withstand harshest the environments:

• Provides accurate and repeatable car loading.
• Reduces freight charges by optimizing car loads.
• Eliminates overloading and associated penalties and liabilities.
• Achieves fast loading rates, maximizing rolling stock utilizations.
• Provides irrefutable Legal For Trade loading records.
• Designed for 5,000 tph material loading with repeatable precision of ± 200 lbs. (1 sigma) per 100 ton railcar.

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