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When Accuracy, Reliability, & Ease of Installation Are What You're Looking For... You're Looking For ACCUFLEX®!

Improved Accuracy

The ACCUFLEX® belt provides the highest possible level of performance for belt feeders.

Belt feeder accuracy requires that the belt be able to transfer the complete weight of the material being transported to the weighing system and that it will be able to do so consistently in spite of variations in temperature, tension, and time. The secret lies in the uniformity of the belt construction.

The unique single-ply belting, molded curbs, and V-guide are simultaneously cured into one integral part. This provides unequaled flexibility, uniformity, and resultant accuracy.

Higher Reliability

The ACCUFLEX® belt body is equal in strength to the typical two-ply belting. The largest cause for failure of the typical belt is failure of the splice or the mechanical fastening system. The patented ACCUFLEX® belt provides strength at the splice comparable to that of the belt body.

Easier To Install

Belts seldom wear out. Belts are more often damaged by tramp or oversize materials jamming in the feed system or by belt mistracking. A continuous belt typically requires 8 man-hours to install. The ACCUFLEX® belt installs in less than 1 man-hour.

Three-Year Guarantee

Stock Equipment Company guarantees replacement of any ACCUFLEX® belt for up to three years from date of shipment if the splice fails under normal use. Stock Equipment Company guarantees replacement of any ACCUFLEX® belt for two years from date of shipment if that belt proves to be defective under normal use. Damage caused by belt mistracking, overtensioning, or by tramp materials is excluded.

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