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Vibratory Mining Feeders

Schenck Process Vibratory Feeders deliver high 'G' forces, have simple adjustment, are built for hanging or foot mounted suspensions and offer a wide range of replaceable wear liners. Using feeders to deliver material from bins and hoppers gives the operator the ability to control flow rates to achieve maximum efficiency in screen or conveyor loading. Maximum processing efficiency is realized with Schenck Process feeders to avoid damaging overload conditions.

The Schenck Process Vibratory Feeder series is used to convey and extract material from hoppers and bins at a controlled rate. These units are suited for both heavy duty and abrasive applications when supplied with appropriate surface coatings and liners. The feeders can be installed with either hanging or foot mounted suspensions or a combination of both. Grizzly feeders are also available upon request. The success of a feeder installation is typically dependant upon the bin outlet transition which can be designed by the expert engineers at Schenck Process.


Vibratory Feeder Features:

  • High 'G' force capability
  • Simple amplitude (stroke) adjustment
  • Grizzly feeder models available
  • Hanging or foot mounted suspension configurations
  • Wide range of replaceable wear liners
  • Low operation costs
  • Quiet operation
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