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En-Masse Conveying Systems

The origin of this technique can be traced back to England in the 1920's when the principle was invented. Although utilizing a chain to move material these machines should not be confused with a common drag chain conveyor.

The principles at work in an enmasse elevator induce material to behave almost as a liquid exerting a motive force in a precise fashion along the entire conveying length. Material is elevated and / or conveyed horizontally in a low impact manner. This reduces degradation reducing losses and dust production from the product.

Stock En-masse machines are manufactured in the USA and supplied to the same exacting standards found in thousands of previous equipment sales.

The machines have an incredible range of application and performance rates and are sold with confidence that design and experience will ensure the application is right first time.

Machines will vary depending on duty with lighter simplified machines for food applications to heavy duty high wear resistant units for tough applications. Equipment is available for highly abrasive and hot applications of 750 F. Pressure and gas tight applications are possible.

Transfer in horizontal, vertical and combinations can be achieved with rates over 2000 tons in some circumstances.

A full range of conveyed materials and reference lists can be made available on a case by case basis.

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