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Drag Chain Parts

StockŪ is able to offer drop forged chain to fit our own and competitors equipment. The buying power of the group is amongst the largest in the world providing highly competitive price, short delivery and superior technical quality.

The chain works on standard metric pitch sizes and will commonly be found in a variety of manufacturers drag chain conveyors and en-masses conveyors and elevators.

Specifications and Basic Data

Drop forged conveyor chain in following pitch sizes:- 102, 142, 216 and 260 mm. Links from StockŪ have a higher ultimate tensile strength figure in comparison with competition.

Connection method is using a standard headed pin and circlip, headed pin collar and fix pin, pin and two circlips are also used. Pin with anti rotation feature is available.

Fabricated chain can be supplied with a selection of flight types and widths to fit the majority of chain conveyors and en masse elevators. Flight design includes T type, U type and H type. Configurations including scoop, scavenger and special flight arrangements are also available. I type chains can also be supplied.

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