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Circular Bin Discharger

The StockŪ Circular Bin Discharger (SCBD) is a well proven and established positive discharge aid for hoppers and silos where the material to be handled has characteristics which make it difficult to discharge or control. A rotating arch breaker arm travels around the hopper bottom section of the silo breaking any bridge of material which may have formed. This ensures a flow of material to the discharger which can be supplied as a single, two or three stage unit to suit the characteristics of the material to be handled and the throughputs required. The standard range comprises two sizes: 32 inches and 40 inches diameter.

Besides functioning as a bin discharger, the SCBD can be used to maintain a head of normalized material in the outlet chute, thus assisting the accuracy of subsequent metering or weighing equipment. Material in excess of the take away rate is re-cycled.

The SCBD is driven by a single drive controlling the rotation of both the discharger and arch breaker arm. Actual drive arrangements vary according to the application or customer requirements.

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