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Chain and Bucket Elevators


Chain and bucket elevators are of robust construction to suit arduous duties required in heavy industries. Abrasive and hot materials can be handled successfully with the Fairfield chain and bucket elevator.

Fabrication can be in mild steel, stainless steel or special materials to suit product to be elevated.


Either round link, roller or malleable chains are used. The chain is heat treated and hardened to resist wear when used with abrasive products.


These can be supplied in cast iron, cast steel, toothed or friction drive, segmented and with wear resistant surfaces.


These are designed and fabricated to suit the particular material to be handled and provide good pick up and discharge features. For abrasive materials, the bucket edge is reinforced with hard wear-resistant welds.


This is a robust, fully welded construction, with removable head sections for easy access to drive shaft sprockets. Ball or roller bearings can be fitted, together with an anti-runback device. Inspection doors are provided at strategic positions.


These are fabricated in standard 3.0 meter lengths, with make up section lengths to suit overall height of elevator. Single or double casing sections are available, of pressed, welded and bolted construction. Casing section covers can be removed for inspection or maintenance. Inspection doors are provided at strategic positions and when necessary explosion panels can be included.


This is of fully welded construction, suitably stiffened. The side panels carry the screw type tensioning device on the boot shaft assembly, together with ball or roller bearings. The boot section incorporates the inlet chute and removable clean out doors. Gravity take up is used on certain applications.


FairfieldŽ bucket elevators are fitted with a RoConŠ rotational control unit. The RoConŠ unit will react to change in the pulley speed and provide a signal to the power supply to the drive motor.

A boot level sensor can be fitted to prevent start up with a flooded elevator boot.


Head platform, hoist frame, safety cage ladder, all entirely supported from elevator casing, can be supplied to provide access to head section and drive unit.

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