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Bulk Reception Units

The StockŪ Bulk Reception Unit (SBRU) is an intake device based on the principle of a wide belt Apron Feeder.

The purpose of the SBRU is to receive from road tipping vehicles (or front end loaders) and to convey and elevate the material for delivery into the process. This is achieved without recourse to ground excavations and expensive civil engineering. Normally a minimal height ramp (typically 30 inches) is all that is required.

The wide belt design allows the SBRU to operate with a very wide range of materials, from grain to heavy ores and sludges, without risk of bridging and can be used as a buffer store as well as providing a regulated feed.

SBRU is constructed from rolled hollow sections and a steel plate and is designed in a modular form such that units can be tailored to suit specific site requirements. Variations in length and inclination are easily accommodated.

The SBRU is normally delivered to site completely assembled and tested ready for positioning on pre-prepared, local foundations and can be up and running within hours.

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