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Belt and Bucket Elevators


Stock Fairfield®, known throughout the world as the originators of 'En-Masse' handling, and manufacturers of top quality equipment for use within the Grain and Process Industries, have pleasure in presenting our RB range of Belt & Bucket Elevators. Developed specifically for the Grain and Derivative Industry, the range encompasses five units up to a maximum throughput capacity of 400 t/h of Wheat. The Elevators have special features and benefits designed for the various industrial markets aimed at reducing material degradation and admix, plus the added advantage of 70 years knowledge giving excellent technical support to all customers.

Elevator Range

Machine Type Capacity Belt Speed
RB2210 40 t/h 3.15 m/s 620 ft/min
RB2213 80 t/h 3.15 m/s 620 ft/min
RB2218 130 t/h 3.15 m/s 620 ft/min
RB2228 220 t/h 3.15 m/s 620 ft/min
RB2240 400 t/h 3.15 m/s 620 ft/min

The above figures are based on the handling of dry Wheat at a density of 750 kg/m³.

For the handling of friable materials such as Rice, Malt or Pellets, the Elevator will be reduced in speed significantly to minimize degredation and offer the materials a smooth transfer through the Belt & Bucket Elevator.

Elevator Construction


single leg


single leg


split leg


split leg


split leg

The Stock Fairfield® Belt and Bucket Elevator range is manufactured by utilizing some of the most modern and up to date laser cutting, computerized punching and forming tools. With the additional use of jigs and fixtures this enables a high degree of precision and accuracy during manufacture and assembly, both in the factory and on-site.

To assist with 'on-site' installation the Stock Fairfield® Belt and Bucket Elevator casings are now supplied in 2.4 metre lengths which are easier to handle along with either a single leg or split leg design as indicated in the above chart.

Explosion Relief

The inclusion of Explosion Relief Panels is a serious issue. Consideration should be taken in the handling of materials which may produce levels of dust. When planning your project, consultation with the Health and Safety at Work Act involving COSHH regulations is advisable.

Stock Fairfield® manufacture and supply explosion relief panels where recommended.

Elevator Specification

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